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RNYC News Blog.

The Club runs a blog with news of sailing, social and other Club issues and events. If you would like something posted, please contact You can comment on items of Blog news.

The blog can provide a Web feed. If you know what that means, you won't need to read on. If not, here is a brief explanation:-

Normally you find out what is on a website by visiting it and loading information from it into your browser. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and its off-spring, Atom, work the other way round. The website sends information to your computer. You have to make a one-off 'subscription' (it is free) to the website's feed or feeds which you can manage along with any other feeds you subscribe to, in a feeds' aggregator. There are many ways of viewing and managing RSS/Atom subscriptions. In Internet Explorer there is a place for feeds alongside your favourites. Google Reader, which we used to recommend, was retired on 1 July 2013. is an alternative favoured by many.

There are other ways of using the information in a RSS/Atom feed. You can sign up to a service which sends the feed to you as an email. Try searching for "web feeds to email" to find services.

Look for the RSS icon. To subscribe you will need the addresses of the webfeeds on this website. They are:-

  • News Blog =
  • What's New page =

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Bruce Grant