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Privacy and Cookies


The RNYC webhosting service stores logs which record the number of visitors to this website, and which country they are calling from. These logs do not identify individual visitors to the site.

If you register for the Message Board the details you give about your identity are stored in a profile which is accessible by This allows the Webmaster to manage subscriptions should that be necessary e.g. in the event of a forgotten password.

Membership of the Dougsblog email list is voluntary. The list is managed by


Cookies are small text files which are commonly used to store information about visitors to a website. Cookies are stored on the user's computer. The law now requires that cookies should only be set with the consent of either the subscriber or user. The subscriber means the person who pays the bill for the use of the line. The user is the person using the computer or other device to access the website.

This website sets cookies for registered users of the Message Board. When you register, a persistent cookie will be set on your computer. If you delete the cookie from your computer the consequence will be that you will be treated as an unregistered user when you next use that computer. The Message Board also uses session identification (SID) which stores your current session on the webhosting server, using your IP address, username, encrypted password, and any board passwords you may use during your session.

In order to register for the Message Board you have to agree to terms set out for users which include a description of cookies and session identification.

For more information see the Information Commissioner's advice.