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How to submit material for this website.


Digital files (in any file format eg WORD including WORD 2007/2010 *.docx) should be sent by e-mail attachment to <>. It is not necessary to convert material to html (hypertext markup language).

Ideally pictures should be in jpeg format (jpeg = Joint Photographic Experts Group), but if that is a problem, any format will do. They will be converted.

We particularly welcome accounts of cruises (or races) undertaken under the RNYC burgee for the Members' Cruises section. This is the most widely read part of the site.

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are published 'as is', and not converted to html.

News Blog

If you have an item for inclusion on the news blog, send it (+ a photograph if you have one) to The blog is for club news; advertising should be placed on the Message Board.

Message Board

There has been a message board on this website since we began it in 1996. Originally the policy was to leave the board open so that anyone could post messages. Unfortunately the spamming industry started on our board and in one weekend in early October 2006 it was hit by over 1,000 spam messages in 24 hours overfilling our file space and bringing down the website. Removing the spam manually was too big a task, and the message board had to be taken down.

The new Board is freeware from Eblah.

There are four 'Topics':

  1. General Discussion,
  2. For Sale and Wanted,
  3. Crew Positions,
  4. RYA Training.

Within each topic there are 'threads'. 'For Sale and Wanted' and 'Crew positions' can be seen by unregistered users ("Guests") as well as registered and logged in users ("Members"); 'General Discussion' and 'RYA Training' can only be seen by logged in users (ie Board "Members"). To post a message on any of the threads you must first register as a user and then be logged into the Board. It is necessary to restrict message writing to "Members" in order to defeat the spammers.

Unfortunately, in 2012, the Message Board had to be closed to new registrations to prevent spammers gaining access to the site, but with the exception of For Sale and Wanted, and Crew Positions, traffic on it had dried to a trickle.

Link to RNYC message board.

Bruce Grant