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RNYC Blue Ensign

The Blue Ensign

A member of RNYC whose vessel is registered on either the Part I or Part III (small ships) register, and satisfies certain conditions and measurement requirements may apply for a permit to wear the Club's special Ensign - a blue ensign defaced with the badge of the club, the Percy Lion.

Permits are issued under the conditions of a Warrant granted to the Club by the Secretary of State for Defence. The Club cannot vary these conditions and will enforce them strictly.

It is for individual clubs to specify what categories of membership are entitled to apply for a permit and in the case of RNYC it is Ordinary, Country, and Life members only. All owners as indicated in the Part I or Part III registration document must belong to one of these three membership categories.

The conditions and measurement requirements for a permit are:-

  1. The vessel must be registered with the Club. (Registration Form here)
  2. All the owners of the vessel must be Ordinary, Country or Life members.
  3. The vessel must be Registered as a British vessel under Part I or Part III of the UK Ships Register.
  4. If Part I registered the vessel must be not less than 2 tons gross. If Part III (small ships register) it must be not less than 7 metres LOA.

RNYC is proud to be entitled to wear the defaced blue ensign. Members who satisfy the conditions and requirements set out above are encouraged to apply for a permit. Members should observe the Club's rules on Flag Etiquette.

To apply, please send the following

  1. A photocopy of your Part I or Part lll (SSR) registration document. (Both sides if Part I )
  2. A letter confirming that the vessel will not be used for commercial purposes.
  3. A cheque for £5 made out to the RNYC

Chris Turnbull
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